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Window Repair Kits


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Window Repair Kit/Price List


Kit includes 12-16 window rebuild kit and large exterior window frame seal kit


Master rebuild kit for Foggy windows or Creepy Black Seal 12-16 window rebuild kit with large exterior window kit, seal guide block, ABS Block, two extra tubes back fill glue, water spot remover kit and PHONE SUPPORT during normal business hours.


Foggy or Creepy Seal Rebuild Kits

Pick Your kit by how many windows need rebuilt

This will rebuild foggy windows or creepy black seal windows.
Each kit comes with instructions.

1-4 Windows: 66 feet of materials

4-8 Windows: 132 feet of materials

8-12 Windows: 198 feet of materials

12-16 Windows: 264 feet of materials

Choose your kit by how many windows you need rebuilt.

Choose Your Kit Size
Year Make Model Thickness

Exterior Seal Window Frame Flange to Paint

Some times you need an extra tube or tubes

Exterior Seal Window Frame Seal

50 ft. rubber seal + 1 tube clear silicone

100 ft. rubber seal + 1 tube clear silicone

150 ft. rubber seal + 1 tube clear silicone
Each kit comes with the purchased feet of dense foam rubber seal and one tube of clear mildew resistant silicone. To seal the window frame to the outside of the painted side wall of coach.

Select Your Size
Year Make Model Thickness

Extra back fill glue

Some times you need an extra tube or tubes

Back Fill Glue

One or Two Extra Tubes Of Back Fill Glue.


Water Spot Remover Kit

For stubborn water spots and lightly etched areas

Water Spot Remover

Sparkle Water Spot Removal kit w/pad.


Window Glazing Channel
Window glazing channel rubber for 7/16" thick windows and 1/2" thick windows.

Glazing rubber is for around the stationary sections of the windows. Sold by the LF plus shipping

7/16" glazing channel rubber is $5.20 a foot. Comes in 10ft chunck. ($25.00 shipping)

1/2" glazing channel rubber is $5.85 a foot. Comes in 10ft chunck.($25.00 shipping)



Our Seal Helps Prevent Condensation and Mold.

Condensation is the formation of moisture on an insulating glass unit surface when the surface temperature is lower than the localized air dew point. Condensation occurs first around the window’s edge where the glass insulates least effectively and where surface temperatures are the coldest. If a standard “cold edge” spacer is used and outside temperatures fall to 0°F/-17.78°C, condensation will form on the glass edge even in homes with as little as 15% relative humidity. Condensation can breed bacteria, mold and viruses, which may lead to allergies and respiratory infections. A healthy house actually has an "Optimum Zone" of relative humidity that minimizes the growth of these pathogens. Super Spacer helps prevent condensation on window surfaces at these higher humidity levels, thereby helping to create a healthier environment. Our seal - The Best Choice for Health and Comfort.


Additional Information.

Our seal features a flexible foam matrix, which is exceptionally breathable, allowing the high desiccant content to work even faster to adsorb moisture. It makes for the fastest low dew/frost point in the industry. Working together with a proprietary vapor barrier and a secondary sealant, moisture is kept out. It is very color stable. It also maintains outstanding resistance to high heat In fact, many silicones have been exposed to outdoor weathering for 15 years with no significant loss of physical properties – making it an ideal polymer of choice for a broad range of high-performance applications. Insulating glass units made with this seal backed with a secondary seal have passed up to 120 weeks of P-1 durability testing – the industry’s toughest test! Experts estimate that one week in the P-1 chamber is approximately equivalent to one year of field performance. Acoustical Testing The closed-cell polymer foam in Seal transmits very little sound compared to conventional aluminum spacers or less-metal warm edge spacers – up to two decibels less, wherever noise from airplanes, trains or automobiles may be a problem.